Dont get caught with your pants down, protect your data now!


Just imagine your pc packing it in this very second. Not only will you not get to read the rest of this, but was that your document or powerpoint presentation you needed? Gone!! Hope you backed it up?


We use several market leading cloud storage providers like Amazon S3 (as example) to ensure your data safety and also provide a cross-platform for cloud storage.


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 STORAGE PLAN                     SIZE              COST/mth

MY STORAGE 10                 10.00 GB            $10.00   
MY STORAGE 25                 25.00 GB            $15.00   
MY STORAGE 50                 50.00 GB            $20.00   
MY STORAGE 100             100.00 GB            $30.00   
MY STORAGE 150             150.00 GB            $40.00   
MY STORAGE 200             200.00 GB            $50.00   

Prices excl GST


1. Protecting vital information is critical to most individuals and most organization’s survival, no matter what size organization.


2. Recent studies show that 93 percent of organizations that lose data because of a disaster go out of business within two years.

3. Increasingly, organizations and individuals are adopting cloud backup solutions to address their data protection challenges.


4. Exacerbated by data growth, protecting data is difficult, expensive, unreliable, cumbersome and unmanageable with traditional tape backup methods and USB based disks.


5. This cloud solution is setup within a few minutes on the clients desktop, laptop or server and provides peace of mind with automatic daily backups with no interaction required from the client.

6. Optional daily emails are sent to the client notifying them of the status of the backup.


7. The data is safely and securely stored in remote Amazon datacenters in Australia and Asia, and is fully protected and backed with Amazon S3 Service Level Agreement, and designed to provide 99.999999999% durability.



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