We provide a cross range of effective services for your requirements. These include repairs, solutions, remote support, consultation, viruses, websites etc.

Need a Product?

Whether it be for home, the office, or your business, keep up with technology. Come talk to us for anything specific that you need and we'll find the right product for you. 

​Need a Program?
From on-the-market programs like Office 365 and Adobe photoshop to school solutions like AB Tutor and Symantecs. Or perhaps a customized application designed by our development guru. 


Need help at home?

Internet down? Wifi coverage poor? That dang printer again! Dont let it bother you, thats what we're here for, give us a call anytime.




We have partnered with Spark Business to provide IT solutions to your business in the King Country region




One thing everyone has in common is continuous network & internet connectivity to perform your daily activities . Interruptions can mean loss of production, cost and even potential clients. Don't let this plague you!  Give us a call!



Today's society is filled with misfits who like to cause disharmony in our daily lives. Hackers, virus creators and companies that inundate your screen with pop-up ads are a reality. Don't get caught out, get protected now.



Office 365 is the future of email protection & office. Everything is stored in the cloud which means if your email program or office 365 fails or gets corrupted, simply re-install it and sync back with Office 365 with no hassle, your emails are still there, and office is back to normal.


We provide a variety of services and support to many business's, schools, kura, trusts, sports facilities, private and service & health providers.
Our clients would only be to happy to share their experiences and quality we've provide them.
Our focus is on quality, care, the future of our clients, support, and most importantly, SERVICE.
Don't miss out today. If your lacking in any of these feats then give us a call.




Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Dreamweaver etc



Office 365, Windows products, Non profit, Education and Business solutions.



We deal with a lot of other products to suit the needs of our clients. This includes support, cloud storage, virus program, WiFi installation, email signature, SIP phones.

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